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Making Space for God's Quiet Voice Lazy Days and Lazy Friends: The Facebook Effect My Brand New Blog or "A funny thing happened while criticizing teens" I remember last month like it was yesterday. I would get all goose bumpy when I posted a Tweet and my world rocked when someone "liked" a Facebook comment. Yeah, I miss those days. Now, a new tweet is nothing special. I can post a Facebook status in my semi awake state in the morning before I go to work and can post a pin on Pinterest in between making dinner and falling asleep watching the evening news. My tweetdeck chirps, and I don't even care I don't know the NFL jerseys china person chirping at me anyway. My voyage toward social media competence now reminds me of that scene in the Chronicles of Narnia when the Dawn Treader runs out of wind and just floats around (I believe that's the part right before they are attacked by bad monster things). Yep. I have begun to master the tools, but am growing weary. I still don't have many real friends on Twitter but
My Corrupted Life Munir Moosa Sewani There is not a single appropriate definition of corruption, because every one has their own interpretation, and we all have intellectual openness to think of it according to our own intellect level. I guess the word corruption itself is corrupted due to which; we can TMt find the appropriate definition of it. In my view, Corruption is the devastation of someone TMs Cheap nike jerseys faithfulness through improper mean, like by giving up bribery or using an influential power to attain goals. Corruption means to ditch a grave of our values, integration and dignity. The fact is that, all the countries are/were its prey for sure, and we all have to come across this word, now or then in our lives. In the recent years, this word has brought the whole new scenario in our lives. As the time is passing, corruption is increasing, even though the political leaders and the countries are trying to reduce it, but the fact cannot be changed, that it TMs a hard nut to crack Corruption. Governments, just for
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